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Dr Mario Pelle Ceravolo says polyurethane implants are the only implant for superior quality and safety.

DR Constantin Stan explains why the impeccable quality and reliability of POLYTECH breast implants are like no other.

Dr Anoop Rastogi explains why he considers German-made POLYTECH breast implants to be the implants of tomorrow.

POLYTECH breast implants are used in more than 60 countries, and are fast becoming a brand of choice in australia.

Get to know POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics, the German-made breast implants satisfying the highest requirements of surgeons and patients in more than 60 countries.

Offering a low rate of complications, POLYTECH polyurethane implants are the optimal choice for superior aesthetic shape and safety.

POLYTECH implants, distributed in Australia by JT Medical, meet the highest standards of quality in terms of technical requirements and patient experience. Words by Caitlin Bishop.

POLYTECH offers a range of silicone implants to create the desired breast shape for each patient. Jenni Gilbert reports.

Discover Sublime Line breast implants from POLYTECH.

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